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Leighanne & Paul

1st August 2022

I have to say i absolutely love the whole vibe of this wedding, Green everything with a hint of white and navy. Stunning! It worked perfectly with the stunning conservatory at this exclusive venue.

Upon speaking to Leighanne for the first time last year i knew she just wanted everything to be perfect like you always do with your wedding day, but she was nervous about it all coming together and being perfect. Well, that's what we are here for.

We love creative freedom, and as long as we have a styling idea from the couple we will just run with it.

The Ceremony

Leighanne & Paul always planned an outdoor ceremony, it was august and we were having stunning weather. The outdoor patio was dressed with a beautiful personalised aisle runner as a surprise for her dad when she was walking down the aisle.

We added clusters of floating candles to either side of the carpet, and although they are simple they just look stunning. The registrar table was dressed with a full runner of fresh foilage.

At the end of the aisle we had opted originally for the moongate, but in all honesty the elements were against us that day and the wind would of sent it to Oz. So a quick consult with leighanne whilst she was enjoying a glass of fizz, we decided to dress it with the stunning euculyptus moongate, it perfectly framed the beautiful couple.

The Reception

When having discussions with couples we always ask 2 important questions. "what is most the important thing to you about the styling?" and " What feeling is it you are trying to create?"

With there wedding in mind, Leighanne and Paul wanted there styling elegant and understated, no large centrepieces and no tapered candles. ( we all have our likes and dislikes :) )

For Centrepieces we opted for our gorgeous gold hoops with hanging tealights and lots of foilage with a touch of white. Half were hoops and half were gorgeous Cylinder vases with floating candles. This complimented the couples own Navy acrylic table names which were Disney themed.

My favourite part of this wedding is the top table styling. Instead of a traditional top table they went for a sweetheart table for the newlyweds and there gorgeous baby boy.

It created the perfect backdrop for the entire day and into the evening.

"💙💙😭😭 couldn’t recommend anyone better to dress your venue! Absolutely stunning and amazing communication! @extrafleureventstyling you made our day perfect!! Thank you doesn’t cut it " - @l3ighleigh

Fresh Euculyptus parvi and fullness for that really wild look with a hint of faux white florals ( yes faux!!)

All our flowers we use are artificial making it more affordable.

Thank you so much for having us on your special day.

Charlotte & Leanne




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